If these exercises are all done with intent they can become a very effective part in increasing your lung capacity. However, please note that everyone has different response patterns due to age, health and physical activity. So watch for those subtle changes these are great markers of improvement.

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Breathing Patterns

The Diaphragm is a respiratory muscle that enables us to fill our lungs with air. To help you get a clear picture of how the diaphragm works it would be relevant to the actions of a toilet plunger, when pressed down the muscle is contracted and flattens out resulting in inspiration. Try this now, take […]

Diaphragmatic breathing aka “belly breathing”

Belly breathing can assists with control of breathing pattern by the use of the diaphragm to improve ventilation, oxygenation and excursion of the diaphragm. Position: lying down (sitting when you become more advanced in this technique) Place one hand on belly and other hand on chest bone (sternum), feel what is happening this is your […]

Book Belly Breathing

This is similar to diaphragmatic breathing with the exception that you will now place a book on you abdomen, the weight of the book is like going to the gym and pumping iron. Start off with a small hardcover, and work your way up to the big Oxford dictionary after a couple weeks. Repeat 5 […]

Pursed Lip Breathing

It is similar to Diaphragmatic breathing, the difference being on the exhale you will gently purse your lips to create a back pressure in the airways and lungs. Always breathe in through the nose & out through the mouth in a slow and controlled manner this creates a back pressure in the airways to keep […]