Registered Acupuncturist

Jonathan Zhang,

Jonathan Zhang is a licensed Acupuncturist, Registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. Jonathan has completed the four year practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver in April of 2017. Jonathan continues to pursue his studies in the Traditional Chinese Medicine program to become a TCM Doctor. Jonathan is a passionate learner and for the past three years he has been dedicating time to learn the art of Chinese Pediatric Tuina massage from a famous master of Traditional Chinese Medicine when he visits his hometown of Qingdao, China.

Jonathan’s focus and attention to detail enable him to work with patients on all levels allowing change to take place of deep rooted patterns. Whether working with internal medicine or musculoskeletal issues, Jonathan is acutely aware of the healing potential in each individual and holds this potential in high regard. Jonathan has an insightful and effective approach to his work as an acupuncturist which he brings to the table for his patient base.

As an acupuncturist, Jonathan has experienced tremendous success in treating a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional concerns. Jonathan has a passion for educating his patients about the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a clear and concise manner to allow his patients comfort, confidence, and involvement in their treatment and healing. Jonathan helps his patients by providing individualized effective treatments which can include acupuncture, cupping, tuina massage, acupressure massage and electrical stimulation, as well as food cures with diet changes.


Registered Massage Therapists

Mikayla Ritter, rmt

Our Locum Mikayla  graduated In August 2017 from the WCCMT with a diploma in massage therapy and received her official RMT designation in November 2017.

Mikayla previously worked as a lifeguard/swim coach in the Chilliwack Aquatic centre which also had a very busy RMT clinic. After talking with multiple people who were using massage therapy for rehabilitative purposes, Mikayla was intrigued about therapeutic approach of Massage Therapy. It was at this point that Mikayla took steps to achieve her goal in becoming an RMT, she just knew she wanted to be a part of this profession.

Mikayla likes to incorporate a variety of techniques in her treatment style; such as swedish massage, trigger point release, myofascial, and stretching to name a few. Mikayla believes that our bodies have an incredible ability to heal on their own, and that massage therapy can help facilitate in this process.

Outside of the clinic, Mikayla enjoys staying active outdoors with hiking, snowshoeing, and running.


Jassy Iverson, rmt

Jassy Iverson has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2008; she graduated from the 3000 hour program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy in her home town of New Westminster, British Columbia. Throughout her career Jassy has treated a variety of pathologies and utilizes some of the following manual techniques in her treatment style; Swedish, Muscle Energy, Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy, Fascial. Jassy may choose to integrate an Infrared Sauna session as a preheat to any massage treatment. Additionally, Jassy may show you some home care and remedial exercise regimes for your continued healing. Jassy strives to give the best healthcare possible and is dedicated to her profession as she believes the body as a whole must be addressed. Want to know more?