Hours & Fees

Registered MASSAGE THERAPY treatments

30minutes      $62.00
45minutes    $89.00
60minutes  $107.00



Registered Acupuncture treatments

60minutes                                                                                                                    $75.00
45minutes   Cupping                                                                                                                    $47.00
6pkg R.Ac. 6x60minutes                                                       Call to Inquire about our Promotions



45minutes        $47.25
60minutes $63.00
75minutes   $78.75
90minutes $94.50
 ~60minutes with IRSauna $93.00

All RMT and R.Ac. treatments will include the following:
Administration, Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment & Patient Education.
All Non-Registered massage sessions are NOT claimable under Healthcare Benefits.

Taxes are included on all treatments and services.

All Services & Rates are subject to change.